In this season of waiting and watching, we prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ. 

Waiting is not easy. In our society of instant gratification, patience is not a cultivated virtue. We may want to get all the things we want immediately, and have all the questions answered in our expected time. Yet in the patience of waiting, we are reminded of the faithfulness and promise of our Lord. It is not that we are the one who can manipulate the world to fit our expectations and needs. It is waiting in faith and hope for the coming of the Promised One that our spiritual strength and trust are developed, our relationship with God will be deepened. 

In the waiting, we come to realize what is most important in life. Without knowing the ultimate source of life and the generous giving of our God, we may not anticipate the right things for our life.  Perhaps you have a long shopping list and many demands from family and friends for this Christmas. Christmas is a time to rejoice in giving and receiving. It is the promise of God fulfilled in the coming of the Christ - God is with Us. When you have Christ in your life, you will lack nothing. Just remember Jesus Christ is the greatest gift we can anticipate. He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Seek him first, all else you need will be given to you. Christ is the center of Christmas. It is His coming we are waiting for. 

“In him was life, and that life was the light of men.”-John 1:4  
May our experience of Jesus Christ’s presence strengthen our faith and warm up our heart, and light up all the corner of this world. 


Rev. Dr. Huibing He